Update from the work of DFR Systems

DFR Systems is a private company who’s main activity is the production and commercialization of water treatment and purification equipment. Under the guidance of the head of Research and Development, Dr. Corina Moga, DFR Systems has been busy working on the ABAWARE project. DFR is involved in Work Packages 2 (co-ordinator), 3, and 4.  Specifically, DFR has been working on the partial realization of a laboratory installation for wastewater treatment in RAS systems, laboratory testing and analysis of the treatment process, and field testing and analysis.

So far DFR Systems have completed the following:

  • Partial realization of an experimental wastewater treatment plant.
  • Design of a dissolved air flotation unit (DAF) for the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Design drawings of the tower-like configuration of the RAS- macro-organism based
    treatment system.
  • Design of a new type of mobile support for biofilm fixation in treatment plants. A picture of this new technology is shown below and patent has been requested.


From this work, a number of papers have been published or are awaiting to be published. They include:

  • Ioana Corina Moga, Nicolae Crăciun, Ioan Ardelean, Gabriel
    Petrescu, and Radu Popa, The potential of biofilms from Moving Bed
    Bioreactors to increase the efficiency of textile industry wastewater
    To be published in Industria Textila.
  • Radu Popa, Ioana Corina Moga, Mihai Rissdorfer, Madalina Lucia
    Georgiana Ilis, Gabriel Petrescu, Nicolai Craciun, Mihai Gabriel
    Matache, Cristina Ileana Covaliu, and Gheorghe Stoian, Duckweed
    utilization for fresh water conservation (management) in recirculated
    aquaculture systems.
    Published in International Journal of Conservation Science.
  • Mogа Ioana Corina, Popа Radu, Crăciun Nicolai, Аrdeleаn Ioan, Petrescu
    Gabriel, Doroftei Bogdan, Voiceа Iulian, Sorică Cristian, Mаtаche Mihai
    Gabriel, and Stoiаn Gheorghe, Wаstewаter Treаtment Systems in Аquаculture.
    Published in International Symposium ISB-INMA TEH, Agricultural and
    Mechanical Engineering.

DFR Systems has presented their papers in a number of conferences in their native Romania. Also, at EUROINVENT (the European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation) two ABAWARE posters presented by Corina Moga won two gold medals.


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