Maynooth University, Ireland

The Antibiotic Resistance and Microbiome Research laboratory within the Department of biology in Maynooth University, Ireland has a strong focus on bacterial microbes within different environments, and microbial resistance to antibiotics. Maynooth University cooperated with a number of ABAWARE partners in the previous EU project ‘StARE’, which focused on stopping antibiotic resistance evolution within European wastewater. Maynooth University is represented by Dr.Fiona Walsh (contact point for Communication/Dissemination and Open Data/Open Access activities) and Mr. Aidan O’Flaherty.

The roles and responsibilities of the MU team in the project are: WP4 – Resistome and Microbiome Analysis. As contact point for Communiation/Dissemination and Open Data/ Open Access activities, Dr. Fiona Walsh will be responsible for the dissemination of results to the various stakeholders (via necessary publications, social media, etc.).

Maynooth University Team:


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