Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

The Department of Food Safety and Infection Biology, NMBU represented by Professor Henning Sørum conducts various research related to animal production. Professor Sørum is the executive coordinator of the ABAWARE project. Special focus within the department is put onto microbial disease in aquaculture and various aspects of microbial antibiotic resistance. The department  develops new bacterial and viral vaccines for aquaculture and participates in two national mega projects – “Feed Mileage” and “Foods of Norway”, which were  launched in accordance with Norwegian governmental strategy in biotechnology. The Recirculating Aquaculture Sysytem (RAS) research facility of NMBU is headed by Senior Engineer Bjørn Frode Eriksen and is an independent research unit constructed in 2015. The facility serves various research groups at NMBU as well as external partners. The NMBU team was previously involved with a number of the ABAWARE partners in the EU project ‘StARE’ which focused on stopping antibiotic resistance evolution in European wastewater.

The main roles and responsibilities of the NMBU team will be: WP1 – bioconversion of Solid Substrates, WP4 – resistomes analysis. As head coordinator of the ABAWARE project, Prof Henning Sørum will be heavily involved in the organisation and ensuring the smooth running of the entire project.

NMBU team:

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