University of Helsinki, Finland

The Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, is focused towards food production chains, food quality and healthy nutrition, utilization of microbial resources, vital soil and environment clean from heavy metals, and microorganisms resistant to antibiotics. The team is headed by Prof Marko Virta (leader of WP4). The research activities on antibiotic resistance involve extensive genomics approaches including single cell and population levels as well as biotechnological approaches. The department hosts single cell genomics pipeline within the University of Helsinki (UHEL). UHEL was previously involved with a number of the ABAWARE partners as part of the the ‘StARE’ project which focused on stopping antibiotic resistance evolution within European wastewater.

The main roles and responsibilities of the UHEL team in the project are: WP1 and WP4 resistome and microbiome analysis. As leader of WP4, Professor Marko Virta will be heavily involved in the organisation of the laboratory analysis of the samples collected and the gathering of results from said analysis.

UHEL Team:


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